Mission 1 Update: Outreach to Tyler, Isaac’s Brother

When my team learned Isaac Strong’s brother Tyler had an interest in becoming a You Tuber, we wanted to make sure Isaac’s siblings also received positive support during our outreach to the Johnson Family as they deal with the challenges associated with pediatric cancer. So often during cancer treatment, siblings have to take a back seat to attention, treatments, and time. Today we wanted to do something to make Tyler feel important and special. Aiden, we’re working on something for you too!

So, Tyler, please see these 3 videos from some of the most amazing social media stars out there! They took time out of their extremely busy schedules to make these videos just for you. They are not only amazing people who are doing amazing things with technology, they can also serve as amazing examples for you to follow as you seek to launch your You Tube career. Information about them and their website links are included in the following posts, so you can learn from the very best how to do great things on social media. Congrats, Tyler!

There will be three posts following this one with a brief bio about Chris Strub, Stephanie Liu, and BizPaul, and the videos they made just for you, Tyler!

Very Respectfully,

Ben Biddick
Isaac Strong

UPM Mission 1: Isaac Strong! Mission Brief

September 30, 2018



Isaac Johnson is 4 years old. At the age of 2 he was diagnosed with neuroblastoma cancer. As a result, Isaac’s family has faced complex, intensive challenges. In addition to the psychological and emotional toll, the family’s financial income has been reduced from 2 to 1. In order to receive cancer treatments unavailable in Wisconsin, one parent travels with Isaac to New York once a month leading to family separation and uncertainty as the trip lengths are determined by Isaac’s response to the treatment.

Isaac’s father: Patrick. Isaac’s mother: Debbie. Isaac’s siblings: Tyler and Aiden.

Two of the most ardent local advocates for the family are Justin Stubbendick, a veteran, local police officer, and cancer survivor, and Jonathan Barthel, a civilian and attempted homicide survivor. They have a unique story of their own that bands them together in support of Isaac and his family.


To identify the family’s needs, meet those needs in hopes of reducing stressors they face in order to increase their quality of life, and contribute to Isaac’s, his siblings’, and his parents’ wellness. We will honor this family in remembrance of Sergeant Dan Thompson, who gave his life in Afghanistan during the Global War on Terror. In hopes of creating in real time an America worthy of such a profound sacrifice, Dan’s mother Lisa has signed on to help.


• Interview the family in order to gain an understanding of current needs and ideal states for the family
• Interview those supporting them in order to gain an understanding of current needs and ideal states for the family
• Deploy in search of resources to meet the Johnson family’s needs
• Consolidate gifts
• Present gifts in a ceremony honoring Dan Thompson’s life, Isaac, and his family
• Share this process on media that compounds our actions so that others beyond the local network can continue to support the Johnson family in the months and years to come


UPM Mission 1: Isaac Strong!

United Patriot Missions’ first mission is underway. On September 30, 2018, we met with the Johnson Family of Janesville, Wisconsin. The Johnson’s have been facing challenges associated with pediatric cancer for 2 years. Their son, Isaac, currently 4 years old, was diagnosed with neuroblastoma cancer when he was 2 years old. It is UPM’s honor to help support this family in honor of Sergeant Dan Thompson, who sacrificed his life during the Global War on Terror on February 24, 2009.

For more information about UPM and Isaac, please see the following Facebook pages or subscribe on the United Patriot Missions website.

Facebook: @IsaacStrongWisconsin @unitedpatriotmissions

My recent conversation with the legendary Recon Marine Rudy Reyes…

Recently I spoke with the legendary Recon Marine, combat veteran, film actor, and visionary Rudy Reyes (www.rudyreyes.com). It was an honor to hear him share about the immense amount of adversity he experienced and what led him to service. As I researched his life prior to our talk, I found it powerful to read the following at www.forceblueteam.org:

“The idea for FORCE BLUE grew out of a dive trip co-founders Jim Ritterhoff and Rudy Reyes took to the Cayman Islands in Summer 2015 to meet up with their friend, Keith Sahm, General Manager of Sunset House, the oldest continuously operated dive resort in the Caribbean.”

For Ritterhoff and Sahm, experienced recreational divers who’d been reef diving for decades, this was just another week in paradise. But for Reyes, a former Recon Marine who had struggled with PTS and depression since returning home from multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, the experience was nothing short of life changing.”

For Reyes, like most SOF veterans, diving had never been about exploration or enjoyment. To him diving meant hauling 200 lbs. of gear underwater to destroy some potentially dangerous target in the dead of night. What Cayman offered was transformative.”

Sahm said, “We saw it as the ultimate win-win. An opportunity to do some good, not only for our veterans, but for the planet as well.”

I love Rudy’s work with www.forceblueteam.org. There is something very powerful in using everything we‘ve learned and experienced to serve and heal others. We’re made better in the process and sometimes parts of ourselves we haven’t accessed in a long time join us in the deep and at the surface.

To learn more about Force Blue check out their Facebook Page at @forceblue.

To listen to our interview, go to https://bit.ly/2NUw2yE.

Thank you for your time and attention. If you know a fallen service member you want to honor, an idea for a mission that pairs veterans and civilians together to do good works upon this earth that unite, inspire, and empower us all, reach out to me and my team today at www.unitedpatriotmissions.org. There’s no reason for trauma and adversity to define us when we can use it to make ourselves and each other more wise, powerful, and impactful.

Very Respectfully,

Ben Biddick

Executive Director of United Patriot Missions

Welcome to United Patriot Missions…

Welcome to the United Patriot Missions website. As our non-profit forms, we are committed to partnering with honorable men, women, and children both veteran and civilian to create an America worthy of the honorable sacrifices of so many…

We believe our fallen and their families deserve a country that embodies unity, empathy, and positive action that creates lifetimes of impact. Join us today!