Martin Luther King Day Message from Ben Biddick, Executive Director of United Patriot Missions

On this Martin Luther King day, I want to express my intention and commitment to creating an America that treats every person, regardless of differences, humanely during every phase of their life. When we embody this in our personal interactions in our daily lives, it becomes our federal, state, and local reality. It becomes our foreign policy. By becoming this reality in our actions, the arguing rage subsides, because we become what we want. Please recognize that if you are breathing and conscious today, you possess immense power to create massive impact in your own life and those lives you touch each moment of every day regardless of what contrary messages you receive in any form of media. Not only on Martin Luther King day, but every day, it is my hope that the American flag will be a symbol of a society that embodies respect, compassion, equality, and unity for all.

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