Mission 1 Update: Outreach to Tyler, Isaac’s Brother

When my team learned Isaac Strong’s brother Tyler had an interest in becoming a You Tuber, we wanted to make sure Isaac’s siblings also received positive support during our outreach to the Johnson Family as they deal with the challenges associated with pediatric cancer. So often during cancer treatment, siblings have to take a back seat to attention, treatments, and time. Today we wanted to do something to make Tyler feel important and special. Aiden, we’re working on something for you too!

So, Tyler, please see these 3 videos from some of the most amazing social media stars out there! They took time out of their extremely busy schedules to make these videos just for you. They are not only amazing people who are doing amazing things with technology, they can also serve as amazing examples for you to follow as you seek to launch your You Tube career. Information about them and their website links are included in the following posts, so you can learn from the very best how to do great things on social media. Congrats, Tyler!

There will be three posts following this one with a brief bio about Chris Strub, Stephanie Liu, and BizPaul, and the videos they made just for you, Tyler!

Very Respectfully,

Ben Biddick
Isaac Strong

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