United Patriot Missions Message to Staff at American Family Children’s Hospital Pediatric Cancer Department

-Madison, Wisconsin. December 24, 2018.

Here is a message prepared for the amazing staff of the Pediatric Oncology Department at American Family Children’s Hospital. Thank you, Dr. Ken Desantes and Nurse Manager Carrier Cronk who were kind enough to let us bring their staff a warm meal this holiday as they serve #IsaacStrongWisconsin and others.

Thank you for allowing us to bring you a warm meal during your shifts this holiday. United Patriot Missions is an organization that pairs veterans and civilians together to do good works in honor of fallen service members. Our most recent mission is to support Patrick Johnson and Debbie Piccione-Johnson and their sons Tyler, Aiden, and Isaac as they battle neuroblastoma together.

It is our honor to be here with you in this moment and to give you this gift. Just as many service members are currently in distant corners of the earth battling to create the security necessary for our nation to exist and thrive, you are here on the holidays…away from your own families…serving and supporting families who are battling to exist and thrive. So we consider it an honor to be here in your presence, to bring you a warm meal, and to celebrate the miracle of life. We’ve brought you a meal that we hope will warm and nourish you as you serve the children and families here and to let you know that your sacrifice and service does not go unnoticed.

We’ve also brought you yellow shoe laces as part of our campaign to support Isaac and his family. We’ve been encouraging people to wear yellow shoe laces in honor of Isaac and his bravery, to snap a photo of themselves wearing the #yellowlaces in their footwear, and to post the images on Facebook, tagging IsaacStrongWisconsin so that Isaac and his family will know how many people Isaac inspires every day and that in less than 5 years of life, Isaac has positively impacted more people than many impact in their entire lifetime.

We take all of these actions in honor of Sergeant Dan Thompson, who made the ultimate sacrifice February 24, 2009 in Afghanistan during his service in the United States Army. We are grateful that his mother Lisa has given us permission to take these actions in honor and memory of her son Dan. We seek to create an America worthy of his sacrifice. We believe that by serving the Johnson family and the staff at Madison Children’s Hospital, this is the kind of America Dan would create himself and an action he would take without question. So we become his hands and his thoughts this holiday by bringing this gift to you seeking to continue his legacy of selfless sacrifice and service.

So thank you and please enjoy…

Learn more about how you can partner with us or help the Johnson Family at Isaac Strong and www.unitedpatriotmissions.org

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